They had me reset the PMU and that fixed it. Customers also Bought These Products: Please include a detailed description of the problem you’re encountering, how to reproduce it, the relevant version numbers iScroll2, OS X , the PowerBook or iBook model you’re using and anything else that might be related to the issue you’re reporting. Maybe the Tiger install skipped them since no trackpad was detected during the install. Both fingers need to be placed next to each other horizontally not vertically, the trackpad cannot detect that.

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The trackpads of the older machines simply lack two-finger detection capabilities completely, whereas the models that have scrolling built-in use a completely different, USB-based trackpad, the driver for which is not available as open source.

Give us a call at or use our live support. Models that have two-finger scrolling already built-in are not supported!

This computer has no OS and no hard drive. Ask a question Reset.

PowerBook G4 Unfixable Trackpad |

Many lost drags and missed clicks. Erratic Trackpad behavior Sign in to comment Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Taps not recognized MacFixIt reader Trackpaad Dorn reports an issue where taps on the trackpad — when configured to act as mouse clicks — do not work reliably: Unlike the “official” two-finger functionality available on later Apple laptops, all scrolling-related settings for iScroll2 can be found in the iScroll2 preference pane.


Moving my fingers trzckpad and forth rapidly seems to kind of get it “unstuck”, but it may just be that it takes a while. Some users are attributing this issue to static interference — a scenario for which we are seeking confirmation. Does it even do that?

Now you just unplug the AC adaptor, remove the battery, hold down the power button for 5 seconds, replace the battery, and plug in the AC adaptor, then restart.

I saw several posts online that said the mouse button would stop working if enough gunk got underneath it. All of our used parts are fully tested and in are in Grade A- to A condition unless stated otherwise. I decided to reinstall Tiger and cross my fingers.

I reconnected it and powered on the PowerBook. Apple’s PowerBook G4 models are the first with new trackpads manufactured by Cypress Semiconductor, not Synaptics. All of our parts new and used come with a one year warranty direct from us.

We can install any item on our site for less than anyone else, guaranteed! The process is as follows: What could the problem be? The trackpad and mouse still do not work.

Top Case Trackpad Assembly 12″iBook G4

I searched online and it seems to be a common problem. Kevin Pierce adds “I find that iboko cursor occasionally gets stuck in addition to slow response.


These devices will trackapd saved for future visits as well. Just unpack and double-click in Finder. Reply I have this question too I have this question too Me too Me too. It still does not work. Again, it comes back to the drivers.

I started to take the PowerBook apart to do the repair. To scroll, just place two fingers on your trackpad instead of one. Click Here to visit our send-in Mac Service center, or call us atand ask us to do it for you!

The installer will tell you whether your tracopad is supported or not.

iBook G4 Trackpad not working after fresh install

Supported trackpwd include most aluminum PowerBooks introduced from to as well as most G4 iBooks. This is a real pain, and an issue I never saw on the iBook.

However, sometimes when I return to the PowerBook the trackpad will take a bit to respond, five seconds or so, and in bad cases even when it does respond it will only move very slowly, or jump instead of track smoothly.