I do hope AOpen realise my constant complain about the over-concised manual as I believe it is quite important to portray a finished product for a company of its size and calibre, and considering how much effort they have put into designing the motherboard. Whatever you choose to run the different busses, the memory bus can be kicked up or down by 33Mhz from your current FSB. I don’t think this one should have been skipped. Windows 98 2nd Edition Firstly, let me say that overclocking the Pentium II was very easy with this board. Show More Show Less. The results are very similar for Bump-Mapping Emboss in terms of difference between the both motherboards.

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In addition, AOpen’s implementation of detecting temperatures pales in comparison with other boards and high price. I find it a bit odd but this board has 3 different jumper settings for 3 different FSB ranges.

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This situation continues throughout all the tests. The same phenomenon happened in some other minor occasions but the board and system still worked flawlessly. The URMs have been much improved than those found on older AOpen Slot-1 boards I presume that the newer ones are made by a 3rd party manufacturer as some other boards have the same design.

Computer Motherboards for Intel. Now some of you might ask mothreboard Acer has got to do with an AOpen motherboard. Test Configuration Processor s: Windows motherboatd build 4. Anyway here are all the FSB settings available: Sign up now Username Password Remember Me.


AXPro CA x 4.

So you can be confident that every model motherbkard through AOpen world-renowned testing lab before it goes into production at one of the company’s ISO certified facilities. The reason I use the word ‘truly’ is because there are some connectors located in front of the 5th PCI and 2nd ISA slots and depending whether you connect them or not, you’ll have access to use full length cards on them.

Quantum Fireball EX 6. Log in Don’t have an account? However, when I tried to use the same settings on aoprn MS Pro, the system showed some instability, especially when running the Winstone benchmarks.

AOpen AX63 Pro Apollo Pro 133 Slot-1 ATX

The CPU is held in place by a retention mechanism that folds up from the board but is already in place. The whole board is based upon the AOpen AX6BC-Pro and a bit of the older AX63 as physically all the layouts is the same and so are the offered features with only the chipsets that have been changed.

On every test or benchmark, the results point out-right towards the BX chipset. The given CD comes with these software: In this board, there is an adequate gap between the DIMM slots and the above mentioned connectors but in many other boards those same connectors are nearly flushed against the DIMM slots, causing inconvenience to use the 1st DIMM slot.

I don’t think this one should have been skipped. Since Acer is such a large company, they have a sister-company called AOpen, which stands for Acer-Open division now you know why it’s called AOpen?


AOpen AX63 Pro, Slot 1, Intel (91.87810.611) Motherboard

This division produces far better products than Acer itself and also does its own research for new innovations not that Acer isn’t good but AOpen still does it better. Now, since AOpen does provide the conventional Battery just in a63, you don’t have to worry about unplugging the power supply. Otherwise, your existing BX motherboard would have been more than suffice your computing needs, since we see very little difference between the Apollo Pro and Intel BX chipsets at MHz operation.

The ATX back-panel is colour-coded according to the PC99 specification for easy identification and plugging in of connectors.

The results are very similar for all other texture sx63 in terms of differnce between the both motherboards. No ratings or reviews yet. So the overclocking prospects are very good with this board coupled with the 0. We all know who Acer is, don’t we? Whatever you choose to mohherboard the different busses, the memory bus can be kicked up or down by 33Mhz from your current FSB. Ever since Intel gave up sole licensing, VIA has been creeping up and has become a popular competitor.

The board is tight fitting to the ATX specification other than the placement of the floppy drive at the top of the board. Show More Show Less. Overall Rating Out of a maximum of 5 Star.