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Skywalker 11 April, Newer Post Older Post Home. I don't even have the foggiest idea if any such film exists seems plausible and if it does, when it was even made. For what it's worth, I have a friend believe me I know how this sounds who swears to me he saw an adult film that had her in it. Brandon Holden 19 April,

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When I say "looked somewhat" I mean she was a petite brunette woman.

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Vader 03 March, Kirsten must be thrilled that everyone thinks she is Amy Jo If you did pay what you saw was a postage stamp sized video of this petite brunette woman who sort of looked like Amy Jo having sex with three guys in a dirty factory. I'm guessing Google safe search will hate this site now but the truth needed to be told. I also remember it showing up in 1 or 2 minute segments on the old Kazaa file sharing network. I was never sure what to think of it, but this was always the film I came across when such things were brought up. Mike 11 April,

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