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The film constrasts that which is not cinema — the static shots of Tim's day job in which he describes in voiceover everything that happens in the shot — with what is cinema: And I've trashed it. Petrol prices New petrol price war breaks out - with Asda and Morrisons cutting prices. Giant rats Mum-of-five reveals family's living hell in maggot-infested council home where giant rats roam free Michelle Smith and her children are forced to eat on her bed as the kitchen is off limits. Film Features Raindance Festival Review: As the humour gets blacker, the narrative and imagery become increasingly depraved, riffing through rape, murder and animal cruelty with irreverent gusto. Notably, one of the contestants, dubbed 'Deaf' at first, is French, and at one point called, first, 'a philosopher' and then, 'Sartre'.

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Perhaps it did the trick — because in April this year a new survey claimed tea is once again our favourite drink with Britons downing million cups a day.

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Rain dance

Wynorski's mentor, Roger Corman, says at one point that he suspects, given more time and bigger budgets, Wynorski could turn out to be a first-rate director, and one can't help but suspect that, for all Wynorski's crudeness, Corman is right. Only its a skinflick with pretensions, so we have to listen to the painfully posh lead actor prattle on about the ontology of desire like some sixth form poet while a meandering piano steals in from a nearby hotel lobby. Before long, the 'client' couple have become mere pawns through which the two operatives conduct their relationship. While this is no Peeping Tomtraversing similar thematic ground, it can hold its head up high in such esteemed company and from time to time has just as much capacity to send a chill down one's spine. Rarely has a film displayed the scars of its country so brutally whilst simultaneously being so funny. A language in which he is now fluent, as is more than demonstrated by Of Time and the City - a love song to Liverpool, doctoral thesis on memory, serenade to the silver screen. And to this, the answer must surely be a resounding yes.

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