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But if you keep pushing her, she'll pitch a real tantrum all over you. Also, Danya, if you read this, See you in hell. According to the Baltimore Sun, Raskin was also charged in U. I can assure you that Alda's being an absolute fucking peach right now. Go back to whatever gutterhole you came from! The timing of the video -- a week before the WSOP, seven years too late, and the actual length of 42 seconds -- sent the poker community into a frenzy. But once adulthood kicks in, all bets are off, and you should be forced to reconcile with your terrible taste.

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It sucks, I know it does.

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PopWatch Confessional: The thing you used to love (that now makes you cringe)

It's an embarrassing and humiliating phase of my life that to forget, but thanks for conjuring up fucking awful memories. If you're a part of the biggest Ponzi scheme in poker history and it takes you 7 years to release a ridiculous 40 second video, maybe it's best you just stay away from the poker world and focus on throwing cards at fruit full time — Joey Ingram Joeingram1 May 24, It sucks, I know it does. Gotta get my one sometime, and, hey, you're doing a good thing, right? I don't care if you don't believe in rescue. Hey, you wanna do us all a favor and shut the fuck up? Every Sunday in church, they preached about how you'd help us through our tough times, carry us through when the going got tough.

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