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Self esteem resulting from work. Your creationist cult leaders have obviously convinced you otherwise. Please flag any comments you see breaking the rules. Even conservative Christian scholars admit those golden paragraphs you tried to foist on me are forgeries done by church propagandist and admitted liar Eusebius. But the pistol is so small it can easily be carried in a pocket. And there were so many non-inspired religious writers who wrote about Jesus Christ that the Church had a hard time sorting out who was who tin order o form the Canon of the Bible. Why are there no reptile or mammal fossils in the Cambrian geological layers?

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We pray, because that is what we love, to be near to Him.

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Where none of our actions have any really tragic consequences. Science cannot be based on lies. The farmers knew better but 20 million people starved to death because of the Soviet rejection of science. Being the coward you are you knuckled under and surrendered you brains to the lies of religion. It is obvious that capitalism as practiced in the U.

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