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The shapeshifter murder mystery isn't half-bad. We need to have these great female characters so that little girls can look up to the Rey's and Jyn's and Furiosa's if they are older, since that movie is rated R. August 16, — Shelved as: Fellow Goodreads refugee, I am known as "old hag with too much time on her hands" or preferably "Crystal Starr Light". It's' just a throwaway detail.

But the characters weren't the deciding factor in my quitting this ebook.

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Secondly, there were only TWO females in the entire book. But then Neil, obviously painted as the love interest though I hadn't seen anything but the merest hints when I quitis so bland and boring, a real "Knight in Shining Armor". If you are considering reading Rowling's adult venture, I want to make this perfectly clear: The dueling was fun for like 3 games, and then it's like yawn. Also, even though the films are lacking Aliens as main characters, the animated TV series are making pretty big strides. I love Star Wars, and I can remember tons of stuff

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